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By Iretiola B. Bailey – Student Journalist

Valentine’s day is creeping upon us. This article is dedicated to couples and friends on how to show love and appreciate each other on Valentine’s Day. This is also your reminder to celebrate while practicing social distancing. I have put together date and gift ideas for you to celebrate with your friends and significant others.

Game & Movie Night

Playing games creates an incredible atmosphere — lots of laughs, getting to know each other, and throwing in a little bit of misunderstanding of who won and who didn’t. Throw in karaoke and see who is the better singer. Watch a movie — romance, action, thriller, etc. You be the judge! More importantly, do not forget the food and snacks. You can either order in from a fancy restaurant or make a meal at home. It is essential to keep our circles small because we are still in a pandemic.

Dinner date at home

Set the table. Bring out the nice plates, champagne glasses, and light up the candles. Again, you can order in or make a meal. It is worth it to make an effort. Dress up fancy. Take the time to plan out what to wear, like you are actually leaving your home to go on an actual date. Que the playlist. Take pictures. Have a nice dinner date at home. 

Escape Room

 If you chose to actually go out for Valentine’s Day, an escape room would seem to be a safe option given the current situation of things. This means it is just your group or significant other  in a room together. Take advantage of the circumstances that we have been put in. Fewer interactions and coming into contact with other people allows us to have a more intimate experience with the ones we love. Also, the activities done in the room require everyone to work together which creates better teamwork, conversations, and fun shared experience. 

You can also give gifts. It is important to point out that no one knows your significant other more than you do. So get them what you think they will appreciate and love. Through the gifts and the date night, remember to emphasize to your friends and significant others why you cherish and love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!