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By: Iretiola Bankole-Bailey ~ Student Journalist

Tis the season. The coronavirus remains the topic of most conversations, and with the current vaccine being out it might continue to be for a while. The pandemic still looms over our heads.What an insane year it was, but let’s face reality and stop hiding behind the festivities. While it does not seem like much of festive season; the bright twinkle lights, and all the gift buying. It is critical to point out that once the clock strikes 12 we will not be magically COVID-19 free, and face masks free. 

One thing the pandemic did was test humanity and showed the little bubble that some people lived in. This fairy tale showed there were people on the more privileged side that were safe in their houses. Even to the extent of posting on social media about how they hated being “stuck” in their homes, and having to wear a mask every time they went out. On the other hand, some people did not have the privilege to be in that fairytale forever. Even before the clock struck 12,  the newly termed “essential workers” left their homes and had to deal with the reality that the virus left in its paths. 

Addressing what everyone experienced and went through during 2020 is the first step for a better 2021.  It is safe to say that people struggled with who they were this year. People struggled with being alone, as a result of  not knowing how to be alone in the first place. We were able to realize the depth of human interactions. We learned we had enough time to pick up on that new hobby we always wanted to. We also learned that it was okay to not try anything new, and simply take a breather. 

Now while 2020 was not a repeat of the 2016 we imagine, “best summer” and all. We made it. 2020 proved to us that humanity is very much alive. There were several videos of people leaving snacks out for delivery drivers, appreciating our medical workers a little deeper. We found self-discovery in simply binging on that show we kept putting off,  or learning how to play the guitar. We showed accountability by thinking about ourselves and others, washing our hands and wearing a mask. 

So go ahead and buy that 2021 planner, keep making those goals, adding in those plans you wished you fulfilled with your friends, be positive, and be hopeful because 2021 is going to be what we are all hoping for.