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By Khadijah Ihsan – Student Journalist

With OUToberfest coming to an end, the Intercultural Resource Center made sure it ended with a spectacle. On October 27th, they held their annual Drag Show in the Essex Room. There were various talents on stage that night to entertain an ecstatic audience. Hosted by Alisha Day, and featuring Myster E Mel, Lady Keyante, and Harumy Doll, there was not a single dull moment. The event was as vibrant as the outfits on display: people broke out into dance, laughter sifted through the room, largely thanks to the comedy and personality of Alisha Day. The atmosphere was adorned with humor and audience interaction. Audience members were called to the stage to try their best at strutting like a queen- a noble effort, for sure. When a similar challenge was posed for lip syncing, three audience members enthusiastically participated. While the queens maintained their rule, one can’t help but feel respect for those who sought to challenge the crown. With an active crowd and music ranging from the 80s, 2010s, and modern day, the night was a successful end to OUToberfest.