Arts & Entertainment Covid-19 Narrative

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By Najah Davenport – Opinions Editor

The Monster lingers. Am I hungry ?  I have not had an appetite in days — “hold on, the monster is chasing me,” she thought. I can’t breathe, danger lingers all around me and I am freezing. The monster is everywhere and it controls me. My family wishes they could see it, but they can’t — plus I don’t want the monster to get them too. I am unable to go anywhere — stuck inside with sickbeds all around me, it is mentally draining. I see the monster break people, but some are strong enough to fight him. The monster knocks me out and keeps me sleeping all day. All I do is scroll through my timeline and watch others complain about the regulations in place to protect us from the scary monster. I didn’t believe monsters existed until it got me. If you are not careful, one day the monster will knock on your door too — his name is COVID. 

Am I hungry? Despite all the food choices in the house, I – don’t – want – any of it. The monster is making it hard for me to breathe again, bringing me nothing but anxiety. I wish I could see my family, but I can’t — the monster is in them too. I stay up all night, that is when the monster appears the most. He heightens my fears and makes me worry. He makes me feel so lonely. I am physically trapped inside like the rest of the world — except, the monster is trapped with me and I don’t know how he got in. Boredom, it keeps me sleeping all night and day even though I am not tired. It gets increasingly worse while scrolling through my timeline. I see people smile and take pictures with the monster, but they can’t see him just yet. I know he’s there though. The monster’s name is also anxiety and if you haven’t already met him — you will soon.