Covid-19 Feature Narrative

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By Britley Blessitt – Student Journalist

Two weeks ago, I waited in the car and watched through the window as my mom played lotto in a crowded deli. In a dangerous pandemic with a massive jackpot, my mom must have been feeling lucky. She took all the necessary precautions. My mother wore thick gloves, two masks, and socially distanced once inside the store. Unfortunately, others did not. That’s the biggest problem. It’s hard to enjoy simple things when many are not taking proper precautions.

Are you tired of driving for 10 to 20 minutes to the nearest deli or supermarket to play lotto? Are you worried about your relatives’ safety during a worldwide pandemic? Do you love being in the comfort of your warm bed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the perfect solution for you!

Well, Peter Sullivan has created the perfect solution for you.

Peter Sullivan is the CEO and founder of Jackpocket.

This NJ native launched his game-changing app in New Jersey before the worldwide lockdown last March. Jackpocket officially launched in New York at the beginning of January 2021. Just like all apps, anyone can go to the app store and download Jackpocket instantly. Once Jackpocket is successfully downloaded, players can receive personal earnings. However, plays must keep in mind that there is a small processing fee.

“Unfortunately, COVID has affected us all but we’re all able to provide a new app…that continues to make sure people have a little hope during this dark time,” said Sullivan in a News12 interview.