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By: Britley Blessitt – Student Journalist

I have a confession to make, my voice truly awoke only a few years ago. It took me a while to learn how powerful my voice was. Even from a young age, I realized words could stir up many different emotions. These words were one of the reasons why the riot at Capitol Hill occurred on January 6th. 

I am beyond frustrated. Here are the facts: as a country, America is more divided than ever before. Hate has spread throughout this country for years, but these last few years have been disgusting.

I can’t remember the last time I said, “Wow, well done, America.” and genuinely meant it. I was born and raised in America. Isn’t this supposed to be the land of the free and opportunities? What happened to the American Dream? Because living in chaos and pure hatred is NOT the American dream that we signed up for. 

 My parents are both immigrants. My dad, born in Costa Rica, came to America when he was only four years old. My grandmother chose not to teach him Spanish. My mother, born in Jamaica, arrived in America when she was eighteen years old. Being from another country, the educational system placed her a grade behind. My parents met in their early twenties and soon had my siblings and me.

My parents understood that their parents brought them to America for a better life. That’s the same thing my parents want for my older siblings and me. They do not want us to live in fear or wonder how we would make it in life. Every parent’s goal is to ensure that their children have a stable, secure future. So after twenty-one years, it’s disheartening that I would rather be anywhere else besides America. No country is perfect; I know that. However, in these recent years, this place is not one that I’m proud to call home.

Now, here comes the big question: Well, if it’s so awful, then why don’t you leave? 1. It’s a pandemic. 2. I’m broke, so I have no choice but to suck it up.    

I am a black woman. Read that sentence carefully. I’m not here to rile up anything or make you sad but I am a black woman. These words have made me realize that America is still in a vicious cycle. If 2020 did not CLEARLY show you the difference in treatment between black and white people, then it’s time to wake up. 

Now let’s get to the overall review of last week’s abomination—that’s what it was to me. Abomination, disgrace, or if you can’t think of anything else to describe the riot at Capitol Hill, think of the most embarrassing, outrageous moment and multiply by ten. 

From January 5th to January 6th, President Trump’s rally subject was about a “stolen” election that ensued his supporters to infiltrate Capitol Hill.  On January 6th, 2021, around the early afternoon, Trump supporters stormed, looted, and caused havoc at a historical building of democracy in Washington, D.C.  The President used phrases such as “fight like hell” and “fight for what we believe.” This event has once again made America look like a complete joke. Ever since Trump’s presidential loss two months ago, he has carried on like a 5-year-old that did not get the candy he wanted. Some Capitol police did their jobs while also being brutally assaulted in the process. Other police did not stop rioters and even took selfies with the intruders. More than 80 rioters were arrested, and five people died after the attack.  The first infiltration of Capitol Hill was during the war of 1812.  Over 200 years later, it’s a shame something like this has occurred again. 

Want to know what hurts the most? What happened on January 6th did not have to happen. President Trump could have taken his loss and passed on his power. To add an honest side note, if the rioters were black, they would not reach the front steps. When Black Lives Matter protests were happening, the front steps of Capitol Hill were lined with officers. Fun fact: During these protests, President Trump casually said, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Why is it that when an important meeting with representatives to finalize the Biden administration win, rioters attack and are free to go home the same day? Here’s the icing on this destructive cake, after the riot on Capitol Hill, President Trump stated, “Go home, we love you. You are special…” Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the President of the United—I mean, Divided—States of America. The only way for America to be great again is for us to get rid of hate. If we can’t do that anytime soon, then we are going to spiral further onto a darker path.