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Written by Daffen Perez

The “RU In Love With Me” Valentine’s PJ Party was a memorable experience. Program Board did an excellent job creating a Valentine’s Day atmosphere, as well as spreading the seasonal love. From the get, there were heart shaped balloons at the entrance, as well as rose petals cascading the Essex Room floor. Students dressed in pink pajamas for the occasion, and spent the night playing cup pong, dancing, conversing, and eating. There was also a variety of food options, including hotdogs, chips, sprite, coca cola, and cotton candy.

There was a stuffing machine stand that was popular with the public. It offered a Build-a-Bear like service, which displayed ladybug, elephant, and bear plushes as options. At the end of the service, one could select a heart with a quote on it to insert pre-stitching. There was also a photo booth with various props to use in front of a Valentine’s Day-themed backdrop. Multiple friend groups and couples took photos in said booth, and left with a printed recollection of their night.

In collaboration with WRNU, one of their talented DJs played tracks that got students in the festive mood. Within their selection was Drake, Nicki Minaj, Saweetie, City Girls, Lil Uzi Vert, and others. As a whole, the event was well received by students and was an excellent way to celebrate the holiday of love and friendship.