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By: Britley Blessitt – Student Journalist

I want to know who died and made them almighty Judges.

Whether or not that book says “No Adam and Steve or Mary and Eve”

But I know he loved all of us no matter skin color or who we loved.

Beautiful. Passionate. Addicting. Breathtaking – real love.

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

So bright. So unique but they make it seem like an unlucky suffering. 

A death sentence. A one way trip to hell. So yes,screw them. 

Because what do they really know? Those people who suck the life

And spirit out of you for loving who you want to love or make love to. 

It is okay. It is okay. Be free, be patient and love fully. Be Gay. Be Merry. 

Let those bullies word bullets turn to ashes. Dust. Wave your flag.

Hold your head high. Touch the sky. Hold my hand. 

Be with whoever you want. Love whoever you want. You know why?

Because it’s your life and you only got one.