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By: Nina Gonzalez – Opinions Editor

People head towards the stage as the Halsey Fest begins.

Singer Lady Rose performs on the street for the festival goers.

A group of girls sit down to paint at a table.

A family plays skeeball together at the games section.

Governor Murphy greets and chats with a citizen.

A mother and Daughter get ready for a picture in the bubbles.

Performers sit in a train receiving instructions before their performance.

Performers relax on top of a van after their show.

A girl spins a wheel to win a prize.

Two friends compete in a basketball shoot out.

A girl browses through hand made crotchet tops.

A clown throws a football from a distance to hit a hole in a blow up game.

A worker continues to set up the final blow up games for the festival.

News 12 covers the Halsey festival.

A girl walks down the red carpet in the Little Miss Newark showcase.

Two girls compete in a giant connect four match.

A girl checks out a lanyard for her ID.