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By Lachelle Parrish – Student Journalist

We are halfway through the semester! Can you believe it? Time flies by so fast yet so slow, though most times, it feels like a drag mid-semester. For some reason, students lose the zeal that they had at the beginning. However, we must push on, but don’t forget to breathe. 

As much as this message is for you, it’s for me too. I encourage you to take a moment for yourself. Sit back and relax for a minute. Take a deep breath, drink your favorite tea, pray or meditate, go out and be active. The more that you cater to yourself, the more you’ll be able to continue to put your best foot forward in classes and other things that you do on the side. Take time to block out at least an hour or two of your day to do something that you like to do.

We live in such a hustling society where everyone is telling you that you must always be productive and never take breaks. I’m pretty sure that you already know that this message only leads to burnout. 

All in all, take time to enjoy yourself! Don’t just wait until spring break or summer break to do so. All it takes is an hour or two everyday to do something that doesn’t necessarily have to deal with work but everything to do with kicking back and being you. You will make it through this semester!