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By Daffen Perez- Student Journalist

The Diaspora Fest at Paul Robeson Campus Center was inspiring and an excellent time for all. The event was four hours in total, with panels and performances from various successful and creative individuals throughout  as well as vendors, food, a photo booth, prizes, and games. 

There were breaks where people could walk around, eat delicious empanadas, and look at the different vendors. There were vendors from brands such as MOTALUX, BLOOMING SOUL candles, ERIODO, CLARITY with Luz, WONDER CURL, and MYND DESIGNS, to name a few. Some vendors showcased art and promoted their self-care, clothing, makeup brands, and a tarot card reading table. Some fraternities and sororities had tables to promote their respective organization

There were performances by different artists. One version was by a young man who recited his poem about diaspora that touched the crowd. There were also panels by the Associate Dean of HLLC, professor of Africana studies and political science, SASN, Dean for advisement for HLLC, community organizer and activist, and various entrepreneurs and others. The panelists gave inspiring speeches and answered questions about their success and what it took to get to where they are today. 

Overall, the event was well attended, and there was much to gain from attending. From looking at the different vendors to taking pictures at the photo booth or even just eating and listening to the panelists, there was something there for everyone.