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By: Gabe De Oliveira- Student Journalist

As the Warriors were down to the Clippers on Friday night (01/08), 22 points, it felt that the Warriors were going to lose in a blowout. But, the Warriors led by Curry did not allow that to happen. The Clippers on Wednesday held Curry to only 13 points by trapping Curry with having bodies on him and at times having 3 players defending Curry. But this game was different. 

The Warriors led by Curry outscored the Clippers in the 3rd and 4th quarter by 64-40 points. Curry finished the game with 38 points on 13 for 23 shooting from the field with 9 made threes and 11 assists. With all the games they played this season so far, this was the Warrior’s best win in my opinion because it took a full team effort. They were down 22 points with 14 minutes to go. Even though during the same week, Warriors beat the Trailblazers with Curry scoring 62 points, this win was different. 

All the games the Warriors have played, teams have doubled Curry because the other starters like Wiggins and Ourbre Jr. started the season shooting a very low percentage from the 3 point line. Ourbre Jr. is shooting 13.3% from the 3 point line and 33.3% from the field. So when teams look at the Warriors, the only player that they fear can beat them from deep is Curry. So far this season, the Warriors are 5-0 when Curry scores more than 30 points. 

With Curry, his body is different from other guards. For example, when you look at the 2016-2017 season Westbrook averaged a triple double, won MVP and made the playoffs because of two reasons. The first reason is because he has the body type that can go to the rim and deal with the contract that comes with going at the rim. Curry does not have the type of body to deal with the contract and the punishment that comes with it. The second reason is because Westbrook is a ball dominant point guard and Curry is not.

 To get the best of Curry, have him play off ball because he is always moving, making defenders tired and since he moves, it creates space for other players to move and get open shots. For Curry to win MVP, I think he will need to average 30 points per game with 8 or more assists and get the Warriors into the playoffs. 

The 8 or more assists is because depending on some players in the Warriors team can not get or create their own shot. So having Curry with the help of Draymond creating and getting other players on that team time-space and good looks, he can lift that team to good things. I am not saying that they will win the NBA title but be a dark horse and causing some issues for other teams is something that they can do.