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By Gabriel De Oliveira- Student Journalist

Is number three, Russell Wilson leaving Seattle after being drafted and spending ten seasons with the Seahawks? This is the story that has a lot of fans thinking and hoping their team can trade for Wilson. He, along with Deshaun Watson, might be on different teams when the NFL season starts again. Wilson publicly made comments about his feelings on the team’s directions, in addition to being sacked and not having a bigger say in the decisions of team personnel.

These comments came at a very important time because it was two days after Tom Brady helped lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl LV win. Russell Wilson saw what Tom Brady did at 43 years old, and he wants the same. The key reason why Brady has been able to play for such a long time is due to the New England Patriots protecting Tom Brady and made sure he isn’t hit as often, a sight that Russell has seen throughout his careers so far. The Seahawks were not happy about these comments, and a story was got reported by Adam Schefter that adds more drama to the season coming up.

Adam Schefter reported that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has not demanded a trade, his agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN. Wilson has told the Seahawks he wants to play in Seattle but, if a trade were considered, the only teams he would go to are the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, and Bears. The key for the teams trading for the disgruntled player is that he has a no-trade clause, meaning he would have to approve it before switching teams. If a trade is made by one of these teams which team would it be the best fit for Wilson?

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys not paying Dak Prescott early hurt them because the market for a quarterback in the NFL has increased over the years, and it will continue to rise with Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson expected to sign deals in the coming season. But if Jerry Jones does the trade for Wilson, it will be an awesome move because of the talent Wilson will have. On the offensive side of the ball, you have a talented young wide receiver in CeeDee Lamb, along with Michael Gallup and a proven, but inconsistent wide receiver in Amari Cooper. Not to mention Ezekiel Elliott as the running back to help with the play calling. Lastly, the O-line is ranked high year after year in terms of pass/rush protection. For Dallas to make this deal, they might have to give up pieces of that offensive line, or even from their defense that did not play good football last season. Also, Mike McCarthy is a product of having two all-time great quarterbacks winning games for him and making him look like a good, or elite coach at times.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints would be an amazing fit for Wilson because of what the team offers. On offense, they have Michael Thomas, a top-level wide receiver with great young receivers to add to the mix. Also, the Saint’s have Alvin Kamara, one of the best dual-threat running backs in the NFL in terms of catching and running with the football. Wilson will have a great O-line to prevent some of the hits and sacks he was taking in Seattle, causing him to run for his life. The Saint’s offensive line was great during the 2020-2021 season, allowing the game plan to flow. The defense is always in the conversation for top five in terms of yards and how many points are scored per game. I see the no problem here with Wilson joining since the Saint’s whole team is well balanced with an elite coach in Sean Payton, who loves to draw up clever plays to get his guys open when throwing the ball. If he was to join the Saints, it would make the team favorites to win the Super Bowl since they are going from a first-ballot Hall of Famer in Drew Brees to a future Hall of Famer with Russell Wilson.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have a top-rated defense that can win games. Defense is not their issue. Finding a quarterback is the issue that the Bears face. The pieces on offense are decent ones that can leap to a different level with Russell Wilson at the position, since they do not have that consistent play with Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles. Both are very hot and cold quarterbacks that can win you a game but not consistently play well and win multiple. The Bears most likely would have to give up one defensive or offensive pieces to help with the cap space. Also, if the Bears do try to trade for Wilson, they will have to try to get Wilson a true number one receiver that he trusts since their best wide receiver, Allen Robinson, is a free agent and commanding interest from many teams. There are two questions here. The first is what can the Bears offer to the Seahawks for Russel Wilson to accept and still feel that the Bears didn’t break the bank to get him? The second problem is what can the Bears pitch to Wilson for him to believe in a winning project?

Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders fall in the same category as the Chicago Bears. They do not have a team that is stacked with talent like the Saints or the Cowboys. Like the Bears, they do have pieces that are developing nicely, like running back Josh Jacobs. But is that enough to convince Wilson that the Raiders is the best landing spot for him? There is more bad than good if Wilson joins the Raiders. The only positive would be that his wife, Ciara would be in Las Vegas, which is very different and better for her career than Seattle. The first thing that is I seen as a turn-off is the a fact that the AFC West would be the hardest division in the NFL. Imagine having to face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs twice a year. Furthermore, the Los Angeles Chargers have their quarterback in Justin Herbert for the future, and by the way, he had an amazing rookie season. So Wilson would be leaving the division he’s is currently in now with two top-heavy defenses in the Rams and 49ers in the NFC West. There’s also the possibility of moving to the AFC West and face one top-heavy offense, one top-level defense, and one emerging offense. Will the Raiders and their front office do their jobs and build around Russel Wilson and give him the best available pieces for him to win?