The Observer is a news organization at Rutgers University-Newark where students can stay updated on and off campus about current events and university news. We uphold high standards of quality, truthfulness, and  facts to ensure that we provide readers with an accurate source of information. The world is a big place and we want to work to keep you updated. 

Editor and Chief ~ Jhasua Scicchitano

“My name is Jhasua Scicchitano and I am a journalism and criminal justice major at Rutgers University-Newark. I love to write because it allows me to archive the life I live, ultimately creating events and memories for those who succeed me to see what the world was like when I was in it.”

Executive Editor ~ Sarah Alaeddin

“My name is Sarah Alaeddin and I am an English Major at Rutgers University-Newark. I write because I love language. The words we use are important, especially when sharing information.”

News Editor ~ Brian Crespo

“My name is Brian Crespo and I am a senior accounting major at Rutgers University-Newark. To report the news is to lay all relevant facts on the table. The reader can supply their own values.”

Arts & Ent. Editor ~ Henry Perazza

“My name is Henry Perazza and I’m a CS Major at Rutgers University – Newark. My work with Arts and Entertainment is a fulfilling experience, and putting my thoughts into words and understanding these concepts keeps me both interested and motivated. There’s a method to every madness, and those methods create the keys to what keeps the world laughing.”

Copy Editor ~ Esther Paul

“My name is Esther Paul and I am a journalism major and video production minor at Rutgers University-Newark. My main goal is to leave this earth having made an impact in the lives of young girls. I hope to let my life be a living testimony that they can look at and know what to do and not to do. I believe journalism will allot me the platform to achieve this, as well as my other goals.”

Sports Editor ~ Edwin Duodu

My name is Edwin Duodu and I am a journalism major at Rutgers University-Newark. I love to write because I love the idea of analyzing issues and topics from a perspective that revolves around sports. Athletes live different lives than us, but contribute a lot to the world we live in today.”

Graphic Design Lead ~ Samia Jahangiri

“My name is Samia! I worked in corporate, higher ed, and local government before returning to school to finish up in BA and BFA in Journalism and Graphic Design here at Rutgers University-Newark. As an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion much of my writing and design work is rooted in cultural awareness, social justice, and using my platform to give a voice to others.”