The Observer is a news organization at Rutgers University-Newark where students can stay updated on and off campus about current events and university news. We uphold high standards of quality, truthfulness, and  facts to ensure that we provide readers with an accurate source of information. The world is a big place and we want to work to keep you updated. 

Editor-in-Chief ~ Lance Grant

“My name is Lance Grant and I am a journalism major and video production minor. My goal is to promote self confidence and encourage the genuine expression of one’s true self. I feel that fashion and other visual arts can be mediums used to spread positivity and I hope to help lift the spirits of those around me.”

Executive Editor ~ Samia Jahangiri

“As a Graphic Design and Journalism & Media Studies major at Rutgers University-Newark, I enjoy intercultural research, writing socio-politically charged investigative pieces, and exploring global cuisine – especially based in and around the New York / New Jersey area. My work and storytelling encapsulates a wide range of perspectives, including my own as an immigrant, refugee, and Pakistani-American Muslim.”

Student Journalist ~ Karoline Gonzalez

“My name is Karoline González and I am a Journalism major and Social Justice minor at Rutgers University-Newark. A poem I wrote a while back ends with the quote: “I write because I exist.” In essence, I love to write because as a creative, I am driven by the power of storytelling and the personal narratives that shape our identity. Through my words, I aim to uplift the voices of those who may not have the same privileges to share their stories thus bridging a connection between myself and others.”