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By Nadia Ahmed – Student Journalist

Wrap the affairs of yesterday away

It is no longer your concern today


You were able to make it home. 

You were able to put aside the chaos 

Lest it be just for one night 

Wash the worries of the day away 

It is not worth it 

to fall into the depths 

of what could have been  

Rest your head down 

Allow your eyes to shut the blinds 

Allow your nerves to untwine

Know that all that is not under your control 

Will fall right where 

And when it is meant to be

In the meantime 

Dream about all that you can do .

All the power you hold.

All that is under your control .

When you arise

Have faith in the morning rays.

You will be able to do all that you crave and more.

After all, it is a new day.

Live the better tomorrow –