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By: Nick Marin – Student Journalist

David Horan


Milltown, NJ

Instagram: paranoid_._android_

What is the best aspect of college for you? What is the worst aspect?

The best aspect is the variety of people you meet and uncovering the experiences they have. I genuinely like the discussions I engage in with people, especially in class when we go off the rails about nature and reality. The worst aspect is probably the fact that I cannot manage time to save my life. I’m simultaneously working all the time on everything and consequently late on everything.

What song has got you going throughout the week?

I can actually give you three! The first song is “Tarhatazed” by Mdou Moctar. It’s seven minutes long but easily the best seven minutes of my life. The second song is “Alghalem” by Terakaft. Lastly, my third song will have to be “Renunciación” by Javier Solís. It’s lovely from start to finish, and his voice is incredible!

Ruby Thompson


Elizabeth, NJ

Instagram: ruby.abenaa

What is one of the best adventures you’ve ever been on?

Coming to America, for sure. I got a scholarship to come to Rutgers from Ghana, so it was an adventure going from one country to the other and starting a whole new life. The move was fun and exciting rather than scary. The country I was in is not at its best right now so it was a great choice for me to come here and accept a grand opportunity.

What is your favorite spot to study on campus?

I usually study in the library, typically the first floor by the couches, which is the quietest area. I go there because the couches hide me from everyone else, and it secludes me, which is what I need to study.

Andre Salvador


Jersey City, NJ


What made you commit to Rutgers Newark?

So, Rutgers gave me the most scholarships when it came to schools. I had applied to several, but Rutgers offered to pay 75% of my tuition, which saved me a lot of money and time since it was nearby. I had a couple of friends that decided to go here as well, which made it an easier process for me.

What is the best place to eat around campus?

It’s Taj Mahal. They have everything! You’ll see other gyro or sandwich spots around like Halal and RU Hungry, but this place is better since they have both foods. They are also welcoming and the owner makes me feel like we are friends, so it is great because they make you want to come back and support their business. 

Juliet Camilo


Lyndhurst, NJ

Instagram: juliet.camilo

Do you commute or dorm on campus?

I commute. It’s a bit of a struggle because I’m not a morning person, so waking up extra early to get here on time is a bit of a pain. Strangely enough, commuting has brought me closer together with others. For example, with other commuters because they also understand the struggle. I also get to drive people who dorm to my town since it’s nearby.

What are you hoping for in these next 4 years?

To learn as much as I possibly can and give back to others. Since I’m majoring in graphic design, I hope to be my own boss and start my own business in the future. I cannot wait to draw my own logos and design everything myself, and open up a surrealist art gallery to help showcase local artists. With the campus being so diverse, it helps introduce me to these multiple social groups.

Wigenlors Altenor


Irvington, NJ

Instagram: wigen_123

When you have downtime between classes, what do you usually do?

I am always studying between classes, and when I am not, I usually just go eat, which is what I am going to do now.

If you could eat any dish in the world right now, what would it be?

Definitely Haitian Rice with chicken. I would probably drink this with coke and have bean sauce on the side. I’m probably going to eat this right now, it’s so good.

Mia Caso


Wildwood, NJ

Instagram: _myc20

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever been given?

The greatest advice I’ve been given is that no matter how badly you want control of it all, you can’t have control of everything. I like to have power over myself all the time, so when I have a situation where I can’t, it eats me up inside. This is when I have to remember that I’m not the center of the universe, I’m just a part of it. Sometimes you have to go with the flow of life instead of having dominant power over every piece of its flippant events.

How was high school like for you? How is college in comparison?

My high school was a private catholic school down the shore with a population of 120 students total. I went from a small building to many buildings where my education would expand. I’ve also moved from a shore town to a very diverse and populated city. Overall, Newark has been an eye opener to the real world because where I live, it’s a tourist town that dies for half of the year. Meanwhile, Newark never seems to sleep, like New York. 

Remy Jean



Instagram: playboiremy

What is one of your side hobbies and why do you love it?

I love video games and if I’m not playing one, then I’m most likely playing sports. I’m an athlete, generally, but I mainly play soccer. My hobbies are very me and make me feel whole. I also just enjoy being productive.

Who or what do you miss the most right now, if at all?

I do miss my grandmother. She passed away about 11 years ago, but I still think about her from time to time.

Maya Abaza


Haledon, NJ

Instagram: maya_abaza

What is your favorite trait about yourself?

I love my openness to learning about everyone no matter where they have come from. I have such an interest in hearing about others’ backgrounds. I also love my dedication and drive to accomplish. I’m never messing around at school, I’m always focused on my goals.

What is your major and what made you gravitate toward it?

My major is biology! I love science as it has been my best subject growing up, and through college, I have found this to be my main interest for my career. Right now, I want to go to medical school since it is the route that would allow me to complete my prerequisites.

Dennis Aponte


Cedar Grove, NJ

Instagram: aponteexp

What is your favorite article of clothing to wear?

I love a good pair of pants. People don’t seem to focus enough on them, so I’m currently in a phase where I constantly buying new and interesting pieces. My favorite pair are these light blue slim fit jeans, and I have another pair of regular black jeans that I overwear.

Do you believe in superstitions?

I believe in coincidences over typical superstitions. I believe everything has an effect on something. Even when we think certain events are bad for us in the moment, they always end up occurring for a better and grander purpose. I believe in interconnectedness with the universe, and how the unexpected actually has an underlying purpose. I think accepting life’s events can lead you to your peak excellence.

Jordan Warner


Verona, NJ

Instagram: jordan.warner_

What is your passion in life?

I’m into politics and social justice- things that relate to inequalities and seeking social fairness. If no one is going to fix the issues in this country, then I’m going to work towards fixing them myself.

Do you intend on minoring or double majoring?

I am actually double majoring and minoring right now! Political science and social work in my double major, and my minor is the HLLC, so social justice on a pro business path. My experience has been incredibly stressful yet incredibly worth it. I am currently taking 18 credits and am involved in student government, so it’s a lot to juggle. The upside of this is that you can make an actual impact on people’s lives. I am also able to write legislation, now that I have successfully learned how to. These are great skills to have.